Support & Knowledge Base

This page has been put together for the benefit of our volunteers to allow them to quickly find help when they need to.

Online Scout Manager

OSM, Online Scout Manager, is provided to every section in our district at Gold level, the 2nd highest. Sections can then choose to pay a small annual fee to top up to the top Gold+ level if they wish to use the awesome features it provides. There are currently no plans for the district to pay for Gold+ however this is reviewed annually based on how many sections currently use the added features.

There is an OSM Training Team in the district who can help you with any problems you come across, they are scouters though just like you, so may not be able to fully answer your query straight away.

Training sessions can also be run for groups as a whole or smaller sessions, we are trialing webinars as well so volunteers can attend without childcare issues for example.

You can contact them by email on

Click the buttons below to see some training videos made in-house and by OSM themselves.

Risk Assessment Repository

We have put together a risk assessment repository for our members to access with various examples you can download and adapt for your sepecific activity.

If you would like to submit a new assesment for other leaders to be able to use, please email it to

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