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This page has been put together for the benefit of our volunteers to allow them to quickly find help when they need to.

Online Scout Manager

OSM, Online Scout Manager, is provided to every section in our district at Gold level, the 2nd highest. Sections can then choose to pay a small annual fee to top up to the top Gold+ level if they wish to use the awesome features it provides. There are currently no plans for the district to pay for Gold+ however this is reviewed annually based on how many sections currently use the added features.

There is an OSM Training Team in the district who can help you with any problems you come across, they are scouters though just like you, so may not be able to fully answer your query straight away.

Training sessions can also be run for groups as a whole or smaller sessions, we are trialing webinars as well so volunteers can attend without childcare issues for example.

You can contact them by email on

Click the buttons below to see some training videos made in-house and by OSM themselves.

Risk Assessment Repository

We have put together a risk assessment repository for our members to access with various examples you can download and adapt for your sepecific activity.

If you would like to submit a new assesment for other leaders to be able to use, please email it to


Young Leader Scheme

We receive some Frequently Asked Questions from leaders on the Young Leader Scheme and have put these below to help you out. If you cannot find the answer you need below, email us at

Who are your Young Leaders?

Any young person who helps with your Unit aged between 13.5 and 18 is a Young Leader.

I have broken it down into 3 groups:

Young Leader and member of an Explorer Unit – they are registered with their Explorer Unit and attend Explorer meetings as well as being an YL and have a second registration with the YL Unit.
Young Leader only – they are an Explorer but only registered with the YL Unit.
D of E volunteer with a fixed period of service – registered with the YL Unit so they can complete module A.  They should be able to count any module A training time towards their service.  Ideally they should complete the training before the placement starts.  If they enjoy the role, they may switch to a YL only role and their record would need to be updated.

How Does Capitation Work?

As there are three categories of Young Leader, the subs payments also vary:

Young Leader and Explorer in an Explorer Unit – Subs should be paid, which will include an element for capitation, by the Young Person as they are a full member of an Explorer Unit
Young Leader and member of the YL Unit only – Capitation only should be paid.  I suggest this cost is met by the Group as they are volunteering for the section and do not take part in Explorer Unit activities.  
D of E volunteer – No capitation to pay as the time of service is short.  If they move to the YL role then this would be reviewed.


All young people that help in a Unit, including those doing D of E must be registered with the Leatherhead District Young Leader Unit.  This will ensure they are covered by Scout insurance during their time with you.  It will also help us to manage the training requirements of the award.  The day to day management of the Young Leader is handled by the section they are working in.  The Young Leader Unit has its own ESL and they will co ordinate the training directly with the YL.

How to register your Young Leaders

Firstly add the young person to your sections OSM, make sure you have contact details for both the YL and a parent.  As they are under 18 you should be including a parent in any communications.  You can then share them with the Leatherhead District Young Leader Unit.  If you are unsure how to do this then follow the video guide HERE.  Once shared the ESL (YL) will get in contact with them to confirm their details and give them information on the training and awards.

What Training do Young Leaders need to complete?

All Young Leaders and those working for their D of E award MUST complete module A within 3 months of starting in a section.  Module A is similar to the modules adults complete when they first start. More information can be found HERE


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