Adult Training

Adult Training

Adult Training

The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme is based around showing competence in role appropriate modules. There are a number of modules to complete however you only have to complete those relevant to your role.

Certain training is Mandatory with some ongoing, meaning you need to ensure they are completed at regular intervals. These modules are:

  • GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulations) – To be completed once only online
  • First Aid (First Response) – To be completed every 3 years, outside qualifications may be transferrable but speak to the training team
  • Safety – To be completed every 5 years
  • Safeguarding – To be completed every 5 years

Some advice for new adults starting their Scouting journey or existing adults can be found here: Scouting Volunteers Info

The Training Requirements page shows you which roles require which modules to be completed in an easy to read table. The list of modules can be found below.

Training Modules List

  1. Essential Information (1Ex for Exec Members)
  2. Personal Learning Plan
  3. Tools for the Job (Section Leaders)
  4. Tools for the Job (Managers)
  5. Fundamental Values of Scouting
  6. Changes in Scouting
  7. Valuing Diversity
  8. Skills of Leadership
  9. Working with Adults
  10. First Aid
  11. Administration (Section Leaders)
  12. Providing a Balanced Programme
  13. Growing the Movement (Section Leaders)
  14. Young People Today
  15. Challenging Behaviour
  16. Introduction to Residential Experiences
  17. Activities Outdoors
  18. Practical Skills
  19. International
  20. Administration (Managers)
  21. Growing the Movement (managers)
  22. Section Support
  23. Safety for Managers and Supporters
  24. Managing Adults
  25. Assessing Learning
  26. Supporting Adults
  27. Advising on Adult Appointments
  28. Skills for Residential Experiences
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