Step by step guide to returning to face to face scouting – Covid-19

  1. Leaders should work together to prepare a risk assessment for every location they intend to use. Changes announced on 3rd Sept. means you can now meet in groups of up to 15 youth members and 5 leaders (including Young leaders). This can be either inside or outside (preferable). If inside then Scouts and Explorers will have to wear a face covering and stay 2m apart where possible. Leaders can meet with more than one group of youth members in a day but youth members may not mix during scouting activities. Adults who are delivering the programme will not need to wear a face covering but may wish to do so.
  2. RA in the scouts format is to be checked by your GSL.
  3. RA is then checked by a member of your executive committee.
  4. RA to be submitted to via smartsheets.
  5. You may not resume until you have received a confirmation email that your RA has been approved and logged with county.
  6. Remember to share this RA with other leaders in your section and with the parents of your youth members.
  7. Additionally an activity RA should be written and stored (this does not need to be submitted). Whilst this will be compulsory it is good practice to prepare one for all scouting sessions.


Full details can be found here:


If you need any help then please speak to Malcolm, Stuart or Fiona who can all be contacted on












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