Suspension of Scouting

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was announced that face to face Scouting would be suspended as of Tuesday 17 March until further notice. Understanding that this couldn’t mean scouting should just stop in its tracks, the district team began to test and develop content and a delivery platform so all members in the district could carry on taking part on a weekly basis.

Resources for Leaders

The Great Indoors in which Gilwell has collected 100 programme plans together.

OSM – Online Scout Manager now has a “Badges At Home” feature – hosted using YouTube. Find out how it works here!

Our YouTube channel will host a number of videos used in the district Zoom sessions, access it below!

Leatherhead District – YouTube

We have also registered with the Basingstoke East Scouting at Home system so members can find badges and submit evidence which will then be forwarded to leaders automatically.

Click the link below for your group to be taken straight to the correct page.

Evidence Submission for Members

To submit large file evidence for your badge work, click the link above to access our file drop locations.

You can also email us at

Past Meeting Resources

W/C 18th May

Beavers – Skills Challenge Badge

W/C 4th May

Scouts – Problem Solving Tasks

W/C 27th April

Cubs Photography with Ian – This is on a different Zoom channel, details will be distributed to Cub section leaders
Scouts Expedition Resources – Expedition Map and Route CardExpedition Challenge Theory Presentation

W/C 20th April

Scouts Photography Resources – Digital Scouting PDF Resources, Media Relations PowerPoint Presentation

W/C 13th April

Scouts – Fitness PowerPoint Presentation

W/C 6th April

Cubs – Cooking with Fiona Resources
Scouts – This Week, Scouts are covering the Chefs Badge, resources for this can be found here – Scouts Chef Badge Resources

Previous Weeks

W/C 30th March

Beavers – Gardener Badge Resources


Dress to Impress Challenge

Scarf Quiz

Do you know which groups in our district the different scarves belong to?

Scarf Quiz

Tide Turners Plastic Challenge

In the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Action Kit you will find a variety of activities to understand the path to a healthy planet, explore individual or peer-to-peer activities to complete the Challenge, and learn new skills along the way. This Action Kit helps develop active citizenship, guiding you to inspire your friends, family, school, and the community to reduce, reuse and recycle single-use and disposable plastics. By completing this Challenge, Scouts will be recognized with a Tide Turners Plastic Challenge badge, and become Earth Tribe members.

PDF File – Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Action Kit

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls